We could hardly believe it when Office Manager/Treatment Coordinator told us her Florida practice achieved a 99% case acceptance rate. When we asked her how she does it, she said simply, “We teach them, we don’t tell them.” What she means is she uses questions, a lot of listening, and re-affirmation to educate patients about their oral health. 

What’s your current case acceptance rate? The benchmark we like to see is 95%, and even that goal is a struggle for many practices. By adjusting your language and taking a less “directive” approach, you’ll hear more patients talk themselves into the treatment they realize they need. See if this video reflects the language your team uses in your practice!


This foolproof tool identifies and solves so many common practice problems: Treatment follow-up, case acceptance, holes in the schedule, and overall profitability. Be sure to share this with your admin team, and watch  patients and profits start rolling in!


4 steps for adding and organizing treatment in your schedule

Increase and organize SAME DAY TREATMENT opportunities in your dental practice. Watch now and get a free tool to help you better handle emergencies!


Just two weeks into her dental career and already thriving!

Have you ever hired someone like Paola Zapata? Little to no dental experience, but a willingness to learn and grow? 

Paola started at Jobe Dental in Kansas City just two weeks before sitting down for this interview. While eager for a fresh start, she lacked the language, skills and knowledge of systems necessary in a high-functioning practice. 

Dr. Anna Jobe immediately enrolled her in the Compass Program. And she has quickly joined her teammates, watching videos, studying the Playbook, and arming herself with the knowledge with the collections, insurance and scheduling strategies that keep the practice thriving!

"The videos have provided us a lot of information that we have all been able to come to the office and apply."

-Anna Jobe, DDS


Three steps to creating solid financial agreements with patients

Is your team knowledgeable about presenting the value of your dentistry to patients? Are they committed to collecting on date of service, with options that make it easy for patients to pay? These are all parts of sound financial agreement systems that keep money rolling in. Watch this video for better strategies and protocols to be sure you GET PAID!

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URGENT WEBINAR: 3-Part Plan for Scheduling Fall 2020 Recare

Are you extremely busy getting back to seeing patients, dealing with PPE, and your schedule? What feels like a tidal wave now could become a drought this fall. In this video, Samantha Jones details a three-part plan to be sure your October schedule is full this year.

Reviewing and Raising Fees

Are you getting the insurance reimbursements you deserve? If not, when was the last time you reviewed and raised fees? Here are some quick thoughts on when and why this should be a critical system in your practice.

Financial Arrangements to Get Patients to Pay!

Practices with detailed financial arrangements are less likely to let their Accounts Receivable get out of control. Here is a quick take on making sure your financial arrangements with patients are solid!

3 Questions for Emergency Patients

How effectively and efficiently does your practice determine and schedule emergencies? In this video, Samantha Jones details some of the questions you should be asking patients who call in discomfort. For more on Emergency Triage, and how to maintain scheduling efficiency, check out the Compass Video Program at

How Well are you Communicating With Referring Specialists?

This is a critical but often overlooked system in dental practices. Watch this quick take to see better strategies for referring to specialists, and making sure those referred patients don't fall out of your schedule.

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